WatchGas Sampling Hose

With this gas sampling hose you get the best and accurate results Test on a GC shows a low adsorption on benzene. Other gas types have simular results. Low adsorption, high accuracy.

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Check our extremely sturdy Ball Float for pumped gas detectors. It prevents from any liquid being sucked up and destroying your gas detector or hydrophobic filter, as it will FLOAT on the liquid and still sample air/gas through the hole in the middle.

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Calibration Gases

The WatchGas Gasbottles offer a absolute convenience and mobility. The Calibration Gasses are perfect for providing limited volumes. The Gas or Gas Mixture is the ideal solution for the calibration of your portable and/or fixed gasdetector device. In our assortment you can find various types and sizes, of which the 34Ltr, 58ltr, 110ltr and more like the more common 12ltr, 60ltr and the 103ltr.